"Going Out and Coming Back" by Alexander Borinsky

First table read of "Going Out and Coming Back" kicked off tonight. Such talented women around that 6th Floor Theater table: Margot Avery, Clare Barron, Christine Farrell, Paola Irun, Diana Ruppe, and Janet Zarish. Colleen Sullivan is directing and Alex Borinsky penned this lovely piece.

First impressions: Lines are sometimes unfinished, thoughts are left dangling... repetition of words and phrases feel so female somehow, so true - things are sometimes not said......laughter erupts and awkwardness settles in for a moment until the next beat takes over. It's musical. Fitting since we're all a part of a trombone ensemble. I've always found the trombone fascinating and weird and high-maintainence seeming. You have to really love it to play it - it's heavy and precise and has a strong presence. There's nothing subtle about the trombone. 

I play Jess. I only come to this trombone ensemble band for one summer and I don't say too much. I seem to be having trouble sharing, opening up about my life, my struggles, what I am looking for... I am overwhelmed, unsure, hopeful, protective, searching...for quiet, for self-care, for love.

Elements that dance through the play and my summer in the band that grab me: blueberries, whispering on the phone, sunscreen, sipping drinks, losing things, lights, candles, toes in the water...

My favorite part is when we talk about what playing sousa does to us. "I wish the whole world could hear me, and I imagine everyone is jumping to their feet."