"Latvia/Latvia: Daughter of the Sun" by Annie G Levy


So, before I started acting in "Latvia/Latvia: Daughter of the Sun" I had just the most general of senses as to where the heck Latvia is. Now, I am in love with Latvia. That tells you something about how stirring this play is. I portray "The Lecturer" - a woman on the brink of lostness and striving to find herself through her work. Sound familiar? Ha. So, in the course of this lecture, which definitely veers off-course, The Lecturer not only explores her passion for mythology, history, and identity-seeking, but also hits up against the pain of what we inherit from our ancestors and the sometimes futile-feeling search for one's true self. Who are we? Who am I? Does anyone know where Latvia is?

Come, check out "Latvia/Latvia: Daughter of the Sun" - I'd love to hear if it inspires you to search as well - for yourself, your history, your myth...

"Latvia/Latvia" opens to an invited dress January 20th and officially on January 21st at the Access Theater, 380 Broadway, NYC. 



Latvia Map.jpeg