"The Loudest Man" by Catherine Rush Closes Clapping

"Loudest Man" Opened and Closed with an exciting rush by the wonderful Catherine Rush. People seemed so taken by the story and moved by its depth... and delighted by the humor in it. I had one friend after the play say her jaw hurt from laughing so much.

Such a beautiful challenge for me - I was thrilled to be a part of this powerful production with Adrian Blue, Mia Tagano, and Cassidy Jamahl Brown setting the stage on fire and Pamela Berlin directing us with grace.

Headed back to NYC August 5th. Auditions and the Fall Season await. 

Some press from "Loudest Man":

"The magnetic Julie Fitzpatrick" - SF Chronicle

"...(an) endearing Julie Fitzpatrick — verbalizes as she signs (Jordan reads lips)." - SF Examiner 

..."Jordan negotiates the world of sound while in love with a non-deaf woman Haylee played superbly by Julie Fitzpatrick" -For All Events Reviews & Views

"And Fitzpatrick is bottled wonderfulness as Haylee, who can be sweet and overwhelmingly appealing, but who is always smart and always stands her ground." -Triviana.com

"Julie Fitzpatrick in a performance straight from the heart."  -Theatre Notes