A handful readings and one-offs

In the past three months, I've played a whooping crane, a melting down mother, a New Zealand hallucination of sorts, a betraying daughter, a Spanish gardening genius married to the man who discovered how the neural pathways alight, and a Minnesotan with a knack for numbers. All characters in plays that are in various stages of development - interesting, meaty roles. 

It's been a few months of juicy gigs on the short-side. One to two performance kind of things. January brought "Beautiful Dreamers" by Gerry Mohen about the composer Stephen Foster, "Doppleganger" by Victoria Daly was about mom-hood and its illusions, "Boy" by Anna Ziegler was about gender and if it determines who we are at the core. February had "Devils" by Cory Finley, "Life on Paper" by Kenneth Lin, and "Soldier of the Mind" by Justin Fleming. And so far, March has held "A Very Loud Bird" by Eric Dufault and "Eating and Drinking" by Susan E. Haar. 

Ghost Light.jpeg