"Leonardo in Flight" by Eugene Gyro and Ariel Teitel

It is wonderful to be singing again. This is a neat piece about Leonardo Da Vinci as he explores his talents for painting and sculpture and inventing... I play Leonardo as a youth and then as a mother of one of Leonardo's assistants... What makes us sing? What makes us need to express differently and in a whole new way? On a completely different level? This workshop has made me ponder those questions...

"Leonardo In Flight" by Eugene Gyro and Ariel Teitel is a new musical being workshopped on Saturday November 2, 2013 at Ripley Grier Studios in room 16K at 8pm featuring Julie Fitzpatrick, Jake Myers, Gerry Sanseviero, Whitney Biancur, Alex Krasser,  Peter Hargarten and others.

Leonardo Image.jpeg