A handful readings and one-offs continues...

As 2013 kicks off, I'm looking at a handful of exciting projects bubbling up...a few readings and a performance of a new one-act by Rachel Bonds. Here are the details:

January 3, 2013: This is a fierce new musical written by Anna Moench and composer Rob Rusli and directed by Jaime Castaneda, from the Atlantic Theater. I'll play Lisa Nowak, the astronaut and Naval Officer who had a very public fall from grace in 2007. The writing is intense, funny, and driven - like the character. I loved working with Anna Moench on "The Pillow Book" and "In Quietness" so I'm excited to see how this musical unfolds. There is a pace and energy to the writing that really drew me in - hope that comes across as we read it out loud. I haven't heard the music yet - that will be added in on the 3rd - but the lyrics are great. 


January 6, 2013: Hooray - I'm in another Rachel Bonds play. This one is part of EST's "Brunch That Got Away" on Sunday. A reunion. In a closet. With 7 minutes. And an old friend of sorts. Curran Connor and I are in this two-hander directed by Pirrone Yousefzadeh.


January 7, 2013: "Beautiful Dreamers" by Gerry Mohen. This is a new play reading at 520 8th Ave, NYC at 7pm. I don't know much about this one yet, except that the extraordinary Jamie Richards and Chris Ceraso are attached, which means it oughta be a great night.


 January 8, 2013: Another new play reading kicking off on the 8th called "Doppleganger" by Victoria Z. Daly about mothers and daughters and how tough it can be to connect. A tender and sharp piece, which takes place in the mind of Vanessa, the character I will play. Carole Monferdini is my mother in the play and Norma Medina directs. This reading will take place at the Actors Studio at 5pm.

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