Peoples Improv Theater - "The Actor's Worst Nightmare"

November 5, 2012: Tonight I'm in a show called "The Actor's Worst Nightmare." Anna Moore, a terrific improviser and actress, recruited me for this event in which actors and improvers do a mash-up of sorts on stage - live and with no rehearsal. We'll be combining scripted text and non-scripted text in a myriad of crazy ways. I'm nervous and giddy - unsure of what to expect. I'll be using portions of the "Anniversary" text and it'll be wild to see how it bounces off of the improvers...We shall see. I'll write back and letcha know how it all unfolds. Ahhhhh!



November 5, 2012 - Later: Well, we did it. It happened. We convened at the PIT tonight and dove into "The Actor's Worst Nightmare."  It was exhilarating and weird .. and surreal too. It was like one of those dreams where I feel like what I'm saying isn't making any sense, and yet there's a laugh track, which is oddly comforting. I was in a scene with the zingy Ryan Stadler and Kevin Cragg - we volleyed scripted lines and out-of-the-ether ones back and forth, around and up, over and down. Definitely not a nightmare. More like a carnival ride. With our hands way up in the air.