First Days of April


I'm directing. It's awesome. And scary. And gives me a whole new admiration for directors in general. This is a one-act written by Tommy Nohilly and starring Christopher Halladay and Douglas Rees. I love Tommy. We are shooting emails back and forth constantly about the snow falling at the end of the play, to the need for a hospital bed, to the line about the "Chosin Resevoir in Korea." He's completely invested in seeing this surprising love-letter of a play between a father and son-of-sorts come to life. And so are Chris and Doug who are finding their way into the skins of these manly men trying to celebrate game day and say goodbye at the same time. I'm no baseball aficionado (by any "stretch" of the imagination) so it's funny to be managing this team, so to speak. That said, theater that comes from an authentic and grounded place is what we're going for - and regardless of whether it's a play about baseball or breaking up that certainly doesn't change, so I'm aiming to take it one swing at a time here and hope we take it home.