"Maybe, Probably" by Eric Henry Sanders

To baby or not to baby. And what happens when baby makes 3? Sanders' play explores these questions with delicious humor, tenderness and candor.

This is such a funny play - I hope it gets produced. The cast is terrific and Eric Sanders' writing is crackling with energy - it is full of smart, touching takes on what it would mean for this very special duo to become a trio. I am loving being a part of it.

"Maybe, Probably" is a Lark Roundtable reading featuring: Kate Black, Rick Busser, Julie Fitzpatrick, and Tom O'Keefe - directed by Tom Wojtunik.

The Lark is located at 311 West 43rd Street, 4th Floor, NYC. January 21st at 2pm.

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"Latvia/Latvia: Daughter of the Sun" by Annie G Levy


So, before I started acting in "Latvia/Latvia: Daughter of the Sun" I had just the most general of senses as to where the heck Latvia is. Now, I am in love with Latvia. That tells you something about how stirring this play is. I portray "The Lecturer" - a woman on the brink of lostness and striving to find herself through her work. Sound familiar? Ha. So, in the course of this lecture, which definitely veers off-course, The Lecturer not only explores her passion for mythology, history, and identity-seeking, but also hits up against the pain of what we inherit from our ancestors and the sometimes futile-feeling search for one's true self. Who are we? Who am I? Does anyone know where Latvia is?

Come, check out "Latvia/Latvia: Daughter of the Sun" - I'd love to hear if it inspires you to search as well - for yourself, your history, your myth...

"Latvia/Latvia" opens to an invited dress January 20th and officially on January 21st at the Access Theater, 380 Broadway, NYC. 



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"Waiting for the Flood" by Carey Perloff

A new play about DNA, panic, and family... this is a rather epic and yet very simple story of a woman who might be pregnant. And so - naturally - she can't leave her car.

Starring: Julie Fitzpatrick, Molly Carden, Suzanna Hay, Victoria Mack, Delphi Harrington, Vivien Benesch, and Marcia Jean Kurtz

Directed by Pamela Berlin

December 2, 2013 at 3:30pm at Ensemble Studio Theatre, 549 west 52nd Street, NYC

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"Leonardo in Flight" by Eugene Gyro and Ariel Teitel

It is wonderful to be singing again. This is a neat piece about Leonardo Da Vinci as he explores his talents for painting and sculpture and inventing... I play Leonardo as a youth and then as a mother of one of Leonardo's assistants... What makes us sing? What makes us need to express differently and in a whole new way? On a completely different level? This workshop has made me ponder those questions...

"Leonardo In Flight" by Eugene Gyro and Ariel Teitel is a new musical being workshopped on Saturday November 2, 2013 at Ripley Grier Studios in room 16K at 8pm featuring Julie Fitzpatrick, Jake Myers, Gerry Sanseviero, Whitney Biancur, Alex Krasser,  Peter Hargarten and others.

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"Let's Just Love the Ugly" by Chiara Atik in ASKING FOR TROUBLE

Three nights this week, a fun mayhem-filled festival of new plays will be unleashed at EST - the event is called ASKING FOR TROUBLE. I'm in a play by Chaira Atik in Series B about dads and dresses and giving communication a shot...  It's a rich piece and I'm curious to see how it comes together. Consider my fingers crossed and wood hereby and uponwith knocked. Details are below.

Ensemble Studio Theatre 


Asking for Trouble 

80 Actors | 23 Directors | 23 playwrights  

4 epic nights of theater

Asking for Trouble is back for its 11th, glorious year. 

23 ten-minute plays created in two weeks by 128 artists. 

SERIES B: 10/8 TUESDAY 8:30; 10/10 THURSDAY 7pm; 10/12 SATURDAY 5pm

Writer: Chiara Atik

Directors: Eliza Beckwith*

Actors: Julie Fitzpatrick+*, Darcy Fowler, Kelli Lynn Harrison*, Meera Kumbhani, Dan Ziskie+*

(+Denotes members of Actors' Equity Association, * indicates Ensemble Artist)



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"The Loudest Man" by Catherine Rush Closes Clapping

"Loudest Man" Opened and Closed with an exciting rush by the wonderful Catherine Rush. People seemed so taken by the story and moved by its depth... and delighted by the humor in it. I had one friend after the play say her jaw hurt from laughing so much.

Such a beautiful challenge for me - I was thrilled to be a part of this powerful production with Adrian Blue, Mia Tagano, and Cassidy Jamahl Brown setting the stage on fire and Pamela Berlin directing us with grace.

Headed back to NYC August 5th. Auditions and the Fall Season await. 

Some press from "Loudest Man":

"The magnetic Julie Fitzpatrick" - SF Chronicle

"...(an) endearing Julie Fitzpatrick — verbalizes as she signs (Jordan reads lips)." - SF Examiner 

..."Jordan negotiates the world of sound while in love with a non-deaf woman Haylee played superbly by Julie Fitzpatrick" -For All Events Reviews & Views

"And Fitzpatrick is bottled wonderfulness as Haylee, who can be sweet and overwhelmingly appealing, but who is always smart and always stands her ground." -Triviana.com

"Julie Fitzpatrick in a performance straight from the heart."  -Theatre Notes


"A Sunrise in Times Square" by Sharr White

We are into the run now... finding our rhythm and enjoying the energy of the audience... There has been a bit of a heat wave here so the last few performances have been sweaty and sultry and sticky... So grateful for the levity Sharr wrote in - as one audience member put it - "We need the release of laughter - somehow the heat is more bearable when we laugh." Here here. We have several days' break now and resume with a Saturday matinee on June 8th. I miss Madeline and Marky, but not the turtleneck so much.

"Old Flame" by Mira Gibson

Theatre Jam IV at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater - A one-day festival featuring Rattlestick's favorite actors, directors, and writers.

Director: Kel Haney

The Cast: Julie Fitzpatrick, Time McGeever, Eric T. Miller, and Briana Pozner 

"The Loudest Man on Earth" by Catherine Rush

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley.jpg

Actor Adrian Blue plays a deaf, reclusive stage director. Julie Fitzpatrick plays a bold, charismatic journalist. Two worlds--signing and speaking--collide in a sizzling romantic comedy that invents a soaring new language of the heart. The runaway success of our 2012 New Works Festival, it often speaks volumes without saying a word. 


The Loudest Man on Earth - World Premiere

Presented by TheatreWorks at Lucie Stern Community Theatre and Center

July 10-August 4, 2013

ASL Alphabet.jpeg

A handful readings and one-offs

In the past three months, I've played a whooping crane, a melting down mother, a New Zealand hallucination of sorts, a betraying daughter, a Spanish gardening genius married to the man who discovered how the neural pathways alight, and a Minnesotan with a knack for numbers. All characters in plays that are in various stages of development - interesting, meaty roles. 

It's been a few months of juicy gigs on the short-side. One to two performance kind of things. January brought "Beautiful Dreamers" by Gerry Mohen about the composer Stephen Foster, "Doppleganger" by Victoria Daly was about mom-hood and its illusions, "Boy" by Anna Ziegler was about gender and if it determines who we are at the core. February had "Devils" by Cory Finley, "Life on Paper" by Kenneth Lin, and "Soldier of the Mind" by Justin Fleming. And so far, March has held "A Very Loud Bird" by Eric Dufault and "Eating and Drinking" by Susan E. Haar. 

Ghost Light.jpeg

A handful readings and one-offs continues...

As 2013 kicks off, I'm looking at a handful of exciting projects bubbling up...a few readings and a performance of a new one-act by Rachel Bonds. Here are the details:

January 3, 2013: This is a fierce new musical written by Anna Moench and composer Rob Rusli and directed by Jaime Castaneda, from the Atlantic Theater. I'll play Lisa Nowak, the astronaut and Naval Officer who had a very public fall from grace in 2007. The writing is intense, funny, and driven - like the character. I loved working with Anna Moench on "The Pillow Book" and "In Quietness" so I'm excited to see how this musical unfolds. There is a pace and energy to the writing that really drew me in - hope that comes across as we read it out loud. I haven't heard the music yet - that will be added in on the 3rd - but the lyrics are great. 


January 6, 2013: Hooray - I'm in another Rachel Bonds play. This one is part of EST's "Brunch That Got Away" on Sunday. A reunion. In a closet. With 7 minutes. And an old friend of sorts. Curran Connor and I are in this two-hander directed by Pirrone Yousefzadeh.


January 7, 2013: "Beautiful Dreamers" by Gerry Mohen. This is a new play reading at 520 8th Ave, NYC at 7pm. I don't know much about this one yet, except that the extraordinary Jamie Richards and Chris Ceraso are attached, which means it oughta be a great night.


 January 8, 2013: Another new play reading kicking off on the 8th called "Doppleganger" by Victoria Z. Daly about mothers and daughters and how tough it can be to connect. A tender and sharp piece, which takes place in the mind of Vanessa, the character I will play. Carole Monferdini is my mother in the play and Norma Medina directs. This reading will take place at the Actors Studio at 5pm.

neurotic mug.jpeg

"Going Out and Coming Back" by Alexander Borinsky

First table read of "Going Out and Coming Back" kicked off tonight. Such talented women around that 6th Floor Theater table: Margot Avery, Clare Barron, Christine Farrell, Paola Irun, Diana Ruppe, and Janet Zarish. Colleen Sullivan is directing and Alex Borinsky penned this lovely piece.

First impressions: Lines are sometimes unfinished, thoughts are left dangling... repetition of words and phrases feel so female somehow, so true - things are sometimes not said......laughter erupts and awkwardness settles in for a moment until the next beat takes over. It's musical. Fitting since we're all a part of a trombone ensemble. I've always found the trombone fascinating and weird and high-maintainence seeming. You have to really love it to play it - it's heavy and precise and has a strong presence. There's nothing subtle about the trombone. 

I play Jess. I only come to this trombone ensemble band for one summer and I don't say too much. I seem to be having trouble sharing, opening up about my life, my struggles, what I am looking for... I am overwhelmed, unsure, hopeful, protective, searching...for quiet, for self-care, for love.

Elements that dance through the play and my summer in the band that grab me: blueberries, whispering on the phone, sunscreen, sipping drinks, losing things, lights, candles, toes in the water...

My favorite part is when we talk about what playing sousa does to us. "I wish the whole world could hear me, and I imagine everyone is jumping to their feet."

Peoples Improv Theater - "The Actor's Worst Nightmare"

November 5, 2012: Tonight I'm in a show called "The Actor's Worst Nightmare." Anna Moore, a terrific improviser and actress, recruited me for this event in which actors and improvers do a mash-up of sorts on stage - live and with no rehearsal. We'll be combining scripted text and non-scripted text in a myriad of crazy ways. I'm nervous and giddy - unsure of what to expect. I'll be using portions of the "Anniversary" text and it'll be wild to see how it bounces off of the improvers...We shall see. I'll write back and letcha know how it all unfolds. Ahhhhh!



November 5, 2012 - Later: Well, we did it. It happened. We convened at the PIT tonight and dove into "The Actor's Worst Nightmare."  It was exhilarating and weird .. and surreal too. It was like one of those dreams where I feel like what I'm saying isn't making any sense, and yet there's a laugh track, which is oddly comforting. I was in a scene with the zingy Ryan Stadler and Kevin Cragg - we volleyed scripted lines and out-of-the-ether ones back and forth, around and up, over and down. Definitely not a nightmare. More like a carnival ride. With our hands way up in the air. 

"Anniversary" Again

“Anniversary” rehearsals have re-begun. We did this show 2 years ago at The Ensemble Studio Theatre in the 2010 Marathon and now it’s a part of The Samuel French Short Play Festival. It goes up October 23rd in NYC.

Rachel Bonds wrote this piece and it's funny and strange and beautiful to revisit it. The lovely Jerry Richardson is playing Matt again. Linsay Firman is directing again. I'm Penelope again. One of my favorite characters. And names. 

Wild to be saying words we spoke before, and moving around the space as we did before, but now with time doing its dance between shows... Marinading inside of us...I would’ve thought I’d have forgotten it all but something inside us remembers, doesn’t it? 

I said "I'm 6 months and exhausted"  before, but I didn't know then what 6 or 7 or 8 months pregnant and exhausted felt like ... And now when we say "Time passes and passes and passes" it resonates with something else in me - something linked to my having a child now and seeing how each day brings something new for him - his first tooth top, his first taste of solid-ish oatmeal, his first drooly ride in a bucket swing.

I love that about playing characters and having them work on me and in me - on my gut, my insides... they roam around in my life and find little places to land, to dig, to find motivation for this scene, that line...

Yesterday we re-solidified the blocking for the end of the show, which is choreographed - honoring the poetry and repetition that Rachel has written into it  - in one section, Jerry lifts me and we spin. It was exhilarating.

I had forgotten that.


October 21, 2012: We had a dress-rehearsal-of-sorts tonight. Wearing our duds and running the piece a couple of times - making little adjustments here and there. Linsay's eye for precision and elegant movement is really something.

Michael Dalto and Stephanie Wright Thompson have joined us as the sparkling Neal and Caroline. They are luminous and funny and set the party scene with panache.

The vulnerability and rawness of this play hits me each time. In a way, I wish we could run it for months - going where it takes us. Rachel writes with such economy and humor...

Looks like we are 3rd in the line up of 4 plays on Tuesday and if we are selected, we go on to perform Sunday night, as well. I hope we get to do this lovely play again on Sunday, but also want to stay in the moment and just soak up this chance to revisit the "mediocre deli" of Rachel's creation. I've grown so found of it. And of the beach at Montauk too. "Let's just sleep out here tonight, " he says... And I reply, "Perfect."


October 23, 2012: The audience was warm and large - filling the Beckett Theater space in Theatre Row. We were third on the bill. The energy felt good out there - Jerry and I were really talking and listening - his presence is so strong and true - great to play off of. The show starts on such a raw note and I always find myself hoping people will go with me there into the "mediocre deli" for some "grey roast beef." It seems they did because leading out of that scene, Stephanie and Michael popped out to invite me to their party and laughs bounced around the theater - they play Caroline and Neal with such zest. From there, we rolled on through the piece and suddenly were at the end of Rachel's gorgeous play. It went so quickly that could hardly believe we were sitting at our final places - in the table center stage when Jerry spoke Matt's line: "Time passes and passes and passes." "Yes," I say. Indeed it does. Lights out.


October 24, 2012: We won a place in Sunday's finals! "Anniversary" will perform on October 28, 2012 at 2:30pm. It's coming around again!


October 28, 2012 Storm Sandy has swept in - at this point only with some winds and cloud-cover, but today's show was cancelled...I'm hoping that means "post-poned" but I'm not sure of that yet.  Stay tuned and hopefully Miss Rachel Bonds will win another round of the Sam French Festival and be published for writing the beautiful play "Anniversary."


October 28, 2012 A little later. Rachel Bonds won! "Anniversary" will be published by Samuel French! What a beautiful turn of events in the midst of the powerful winds and rains of Sandy.

My favorite line - one that I will miss saying - echoes through me so deeply. It speaks to loss and regret in a profound way. Penelope has reached a place that I haven't, but it ripples through me nonetheless:

"And, at some point, the memory of you shifts. It becomes sepia toned and quiet."