June 6 - 10 "The Club" by Amy Fox

Mon, Jun 6, 2016 7:00pm thru Fri, Jun 10, 2016 7:00pm

A RoughCut Workshop of


by Amy Fox
directed by Suzanne Agins

When a group of former college roommates gather to celebrate one of their own, they test their increasingly superficial connection, and force each other to face what is really going on in their grown-up lives.

featuring Pepper Binkley*†, Kelli Lynn Harrison*, Kellie Overbey*†, Nedra McClyde*†, and Julie Fitzpatrick*†

Production Stage Manager: Leah Montesinos | Scenic Design: Nick Francone* | Lighting Design: Megan Lang | Sound Design: M. Florian Staab | Costume Design: Suzanne Chesney* | Props Design: Claire Rufiange  | Assistant Director: Elizabeth Power | Assistant Stage Manager: Lauren Stern


May 17 "Another Kind of Silence" by Lauren Feldman in The INK'D Festival



Another Kind of Silence by Lauren Feldman Directed by Will Davis

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 7:00PM

Ford Foundation Studio Theatre, The Pershing Square Signature Center

480 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036

Performance will be immediately followed by a reception. There will be one ten minute intermission during this performance.

Evan struggles over her novel. Chap secretly sketches her. When the two women’s lives intersect, they are hurled into a passionate whirlwind tempered only by the fact that both are already in committed relationships with someone they love. A bilingual play in English and American Sign Language, Another Kind of Silence follows four people as they wrestle with questions of long‐term partnership, the elusiveness of desire, and the mysteries of the changing self.

Featuring: Danielle Davenport, Treshelle Edmonds, Julie Fitzpatrick, Korey Jackson, Athena Kazantzis, John McGinty, Felice Shays, Alexandria Wailes

May 8 "Big Fat Positive" by Chaira Atik

"Big Fat Positive" by Chaira Atik is part of MotherBRUNCHER, the monthly Ensemble Studio Theatre Sunday Brunch extravaganza. It's a delicious way to celebrate Mother's Day with 5 steaming fresh one-acts, pancakes, and a spirited sold-out house.

A little more about the event: While all those other people are enjoying an early brunch with their mothers, come enjoy brunch with us. Or bring your mother along for the ride, why not? Brunch begins at 12:30pm, plays begin at 1pm! Featuring new plays by Chiara Atik, Amanda Keating, Catya McMullen, Andrew Massey, Christina Quintana

"Big Fat Positive" features Kelly Anne Burns, Julie Fitzpatrick, Kelli Lynn Harrison, Erica Lutz, Dianah Oh, Charly Simpson and is directed by Claudia Weill.


April 27 Julia's Reading Room

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at Jefferson Market Library 425 Avenue of the Americas, NYC, 6-8 p.m.

The League of Professional Theatre Women & Julia's Reading Room present readings of short plays written and/or directed by Shellen Lubin 

These pieces are from 365 Women a Year: A Playwriting Project and/or were recently featured in the In Her Name Festival at 13th Street Theatre



with work from playwrights:


Series produced by Wendy Peace & Dorothy Leeds

Julia's Reading Room is a place for LPTW members to bring works in progress to be read, and for you to join us for cheese and wine and to listen. The readings are informal and unrehearsed, focused on providing an artist a chance to hear her work in a supportive environment & for other members to share in the process.

Reservations necessary as there is limited seating:


April 15 - 17 In Her Name, a festival at 13th Street Rep

In Her Name is a festival of women's voices in the theatre honoring the founder of 13th Street Rep and some wonderful writers.

Julie will be performing in the Fundraising Event on Friday April 15 at 7pm - singing with Shellen Lubin and Matthew Gandolfo & in two readings of new plays by Susan Merson and Shellen Lubin. The plays she will be reading will also feature Elizabeth Hess and Carolyn Mignini.

13th Street Rep, 50 west 13th Street, NYC

April 13 "Boys Rule" by Hannah Ponturo

The Oxnam Playwriting Festival honors Drew University student Hannah Ponturro with a staged reading of her play Boys Rule, at 6:30 on Wednesday April 13 at Drew University featuring:

Shyko Amos, Madeleine Bundy, Julie Fitzpatrick, Thomas Lyons, Turna Mete, Jonathan Randell Silver, and Andrew Start

The gender tables are turned. Boys just need to sit down and look handsome, while the girls are pushed to study and excel.


March 22nd "Chancers!" By Brian Doyle

The Chancers! By Brian Doyle

7pm at Mercy College’s Manhattan Campus,  66 West 35th Street, Rm 722 

Featuring: Peter Husovsky, Joie Bauer, Kevin Urban, Julie Fitzpatrick, Jillian Stevens, Spencer Aste, Jaye Maynard, Paul Martin Kovic, Tom Kemnitz, Jr., G.V. Maldonado

March 21st "Through the Window" by Abigail Gampel

THROUGH THE WINDOW by Abigail Gampel

with: Julie Fitzpatrick, Audrey Martells, Meg MacCary

Monday March 21st at 10am in NYC

A woman, and women, explore what it is to be a daughter, a mother, and a soul alone...with fantasies of Fellini and a saxophone.

March 6, 2016 "Jack and Molly and Mom" by Andrew Massey

Crime and Brunishment Another Pic.jpeg


"Jack and Molly and Mom" by Andrew Massey is featured in Crime and Brunchishment on Sunday, March 6, 2016 from 1-3pm at Ensemble Studio Theatre, 549 w 52nd Street in NYC

Featuring: Riley King, Julie Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Scopel

Directed by Andrew Gross

Don't let Dostoyevsky get you down, come to EST this Sunday for five new plays about crime by the writers of Youngblood as well as pancakes, bacon and (young)bloody marys!

Then stay tuned for five brand new ten minute plays by Cary Gitter, Andrew Massey, Rebecca Schlossberg, Charly Evon Simpson, and Kristin Slaney



February 9-13, 2016 "Another Kind of Silence" by Lauren Feldman

"Another Kind of Silence" By Lauren Feldman

Directed by Will Davis

Featuring: Ben Beckley, Robbie Berry, Candace Broecker, Danielle Davenport, Julie Fitzpatrick, John McGinty, Eli Pauley, Mara Stevens, and Alexandria Wailes

With artistic and sound support/wisdom from: Lewis Merkin and Miles Polaski 

Stage Manager: Hannah Woodward

Dramaturg: Kate Pines

Playwrights Realm Staged Reading Workshop November 30 - December 12

The Playwrights Realm, 520 Eighth Avenue, Suite 320, New York, NY 10018